Trending and Healthy Foods today vs. Traditional Foods

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When we say food, everyone has their own favorites. Some begin to Imagine, some begin to plan and some even drool just by the thought. Being healthy was life style until yesterday, today its a practice. Beverages sugar-less, food Oil-free, Gluten-free and Vegan and so the list continues.

Based on a survey, the generation has realized the life expectancy rate has eventually reduced. The shift has resulted in a new demand for foods that have been unseen and unheard for decades. When asked Gen X about these foods, they seem to have been in shock to see these foods reborn like a Phoenix, but with brand new Recipes.

One of these foods are Millet. Millet Grains have been in existence for Centuries in Asian region. Very recently they were discovered as a substitute for regular foods, Contributing Same Energy but less amount of fat, carbs, Cholesterol and high amount protein.

In Metropolitan Cities of India these grains are sold in specialty fairs dedicated for these foods organised by State and Central Governments. "Fun fact about these grains is that they are not grown on full scale with pure Dedication. They grow like weeds in every field and have been Extracted, Processed and Sold in Markets today"

Understanding the new generation needs and trends the local bodies have promoted health foods specifically the Millet for quite some time. All these foods did change the trend for some time and attracted the taste buds for quite some amount of time, but dint last for long time as Millet came with drawbacks like

1. Millet could not blend with any flavor as a result they were not great for taste buds.

2. Millet could not meet the requirements in terms of apatite as people would feel hungry often, as a result they did loose weight in the beginning and gained weight exponentially later.

3. Millet caused multiple health problems on long term usage like Gastric problems, changes in menstrual cycles.

4. Millet can cause Goitre

5. Millet consumption on long term could cause Anxiety and Depression Issues.

In Ancient days Millet were consumed regularly for Dinner as the practice, they consumed very little, this goes with saying "Have you breakfast like a King, Lunch like an average citizen and your Dinner like a Poor man. Also just food is never a reason for good health, their lifestyle was an extreme workout, thanks limitation of technology. We as a part of new generation wanted quick results in short span of time, this led to some new unseen side effects.

We are now sure of how the usage has to be and how to be healthy as well.

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